Using The WOC Saver


This lovely leather will soften as it matures

It's inevitable...the trade-off for having leather that feels as soft as silk under your fingers is that sooner or later it's going to develop a sag. The WOC Saver will stop that from happening...think of it as Spanx for bags


Simply add the WOC Saver...

It doesn't 'fix' to anything, it just rests in the bottom of your Wallet. Your base opens up to its optimum width. You have more room, and more importantly, the sides and base of your bag won't pick up any bruises from your keys or anything else...


Ta Daa!

It's instant. A smooth sag-free base, with a defined shape and what feels like a more spacious if by magic!

WOC Saver UK Price List

Items can be custom made to your specifications - please contact me for details and I'll be happy to help!

WOC Saver UK Recommended Partners

Bag Pillows by THM Bag Accessories


At WOC Saver UK we are very proud to recommended THM Bag Accessories as a preferred partner due to the quality and craftsmanship of their handbag pillows and their outstanding customer service. 

THM Bag Accessories offer a wide range of fabrics and custom make each one to your exact specification. We don't sell their products through our website however they have a large presence on social media and you can see their full range by following this link

They are also able to supply the chain clips which allow you to customise the length of your Chanel WOC - something we don't sell but get asked for all the time!