Welcome to Wallet On A Chain Base & Side Savers!

Welcome to Wallet On A Chain Base & Side Savers!

Welcome to Wallet On A Chain Base & Side Savers!Welcome to Wallet On A Chain Base & Side Savers!Welcome to Wallet On A Chain Base & Side Savers!

So, who are we...and what do we do?

Our signature Piece


It all started with the WOC Saver! Adele founded WOC Saver UK after developing an accessory to carry in her own Chanel WOCs which became an immediate hit amongst her bag-loving friends. After refining the design, we started selling these on a small scale, but the buzz of excitement about the product grew and we're very proud to say that we now sell the WOC Saver on a worldwide basis! 

Brand New Design


Following on from the success of our signature winged liners, we were keen to expand the range and create an option to have a WOC Saver without's good to have choices, right? Our clear acrylic WOC Saver has gently rounded corners and polished sides so it's very kind to your bag, and is virtually invisible in the base. It provides the same feeling of space, and of course you're guaranteed to have no sag underneath!

Expanding the Range


So, one of our WOC Saver customers told us she had a saggy bottom on her Gucci Soho Disco, and she'd been so impressed with the way this had been immediately corrected on her Wallet on a Chain she asked us to create something similar for her Disco. And we love a challenge! The Disco Base Saver was born and fast became one of our best selling items. It's sturdy, light and more sag!

A Clear Choice!


After the runaway success of our Gucci Soho Disco Savers, we wanted to create an option without 'wings' for this bag too - utterly invisible in the base but strong enough to completely eradicate any sagging underneath, our clear acrylic Disco savers are the perfect solution!

Sleeper Felts


We created the sleeper felts for the Chanel WOC first, to help prevent that annoying little dink where the under-flap zip presses into the leather. These cute little accessories soon became so popular that we expanded the range to cover every size of Chanel Flap bag and we have some classy and fabulous felt prints to add a little something fun as your bags are resting!

Base Saver for LV Pochette Accessoires


This is a bag we've been asked to make base savers for constantly, so we're happy to report we've expanded our range to include a strong clear polished acrylic base saver which helps to maintain the shape as you pack your bag!

Standard vs Deluxe


Our standard WOC Savers are precision crafted using a top quality high GSM card base, and then coated in wipe-clean vinyl. They are lightweight and durable and come in a very wide range of colours which means we can match most bag linings. By popular demand we also created the deluxe range, which is coated in leather and feels more luxurious to the touch. The colours are more limited but burgundy and black are our top sellers and they are available across both the standard and deluxe range.

Chanel Mini Base Liners


Again, listening to our customers inspired us to expand the range still further to create a deluxe base liner for the Chanel Mini - in these bags it's less about preventing a sag and more about protecting the beautiful lambskin leather lining. Sitting gently in the base, the liner helps to minimise scratches and marks, as well as helping to preserve the lovely shape. We offer the deluxe leather-wrapped option only, as it's such a perfect compliment to the interior of these gorgeous pieces.

Square WOC


The introduction of the square WOC last year gave us a whole new challenge! Our signature winged liners didn't work in the double-sectioned interior, but there's a definite advantage in using a base saver in this style as the sections are even more compact than usual! The twin base-savers were created and consumer tested, and a standard version added to our range.

What's All The WOC Saver Fuss About?!

Simple. Smart. Effective.

We get it. You love your Wallet On A Chain but wish it had just a tiny bit more room..? Well ladies, look no further.

Innovative Design

The Wallet On A Chain Base & Side Saver works to make your WOC experience even better. You can't improve on perfection, right? Think again. 

Whether you're a fan of Chanel, or YSL or Mulberry, the WOC Saver sits in the bottom of your chained wallet and gently holds the base to its optimum width. Immediately it feels like you've doubled the space. 

It also protects the delicate leather around the sides and the base of your WOC from sharp objects like keys, and as if all that wasn't enough, it prevents any sag underneath your WOC, even when it's full.

We have a rainbow of colours in our standard range, which is crafted from a high GSM card base coated in wipe-clean vinyl. Due to popular demand we also created a deluxe range which is wrapped in leather and feels wonderfully soft to the touch. 

Our most popular colours are burgundy and black, which are a wonderful match for the lining in classic WOCs but the range of colours is impressive and we can match most bags.

We're developing new products all the time - we currently have liners in the range for Chanel WOC, YSL Small WOC & Mulberry Bayswater Clutch but we're happy to work with you if you have a non-featured bag that needs a little support...just ask! 

Join the WOC Saver Revolution

The secret is out...this is the must-have accessory to maximise your enjoyment of these gorgeous bags, and protect your investment for years to come. You can shop our available range by clicking the 'Shop Now' link at the top of this page.

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