Periwinkle Blue Woc with WOC Saver Review

One of our lovely customers giving her opinion on how the WOC Saver enhances the use of her new WOC! 

Video Review by Anna in Warsaw

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What Our Customers Say about the Chanel WOC Saver...

Karyn, USA

What a clever idea! I ordered two; one for my gold WOC and one for my Black Chanel WOC. Both are a perfect match and work so well to keep the shape, and protect my precious WOC's. Super fast shipping too; from UK to US in 7 days!

Khadija, USA

Received my wallet on chain base and side saver today and I absolutely love it I can't wait to actually start using my Chanel Woc with more room now! The transaction was smooth, quick, and friendly. I would order from her again if she made other items like this!

Aleesa, London

Excellent invention, not only does it protect the base and sides of my bag, it also gives me more use of the space!

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